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This blog was for a uni project to show the development and progress of my project in DAB510 (Architecture, Design 5) in QUT. This is now over and I will now upload/talk/comment on whatever is in my slightly (un)fantastical mind. PEACE.
Question me and judge me.
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Pulpy orange juice, GET IN MA BELLY!!!

Its fitting that my 50th post be about pulpy orange juice. Why? Because I like pulpy orange juice although i haven’t had it yonks. Yonks being years maybe. My mum never seems to buy it. She always gets the crappy non-pulp type. I seriously don’t how I live with out pulpy orange juice. God damn i could go for some pulpy orange juice right about now. GAWD DAYUM!!!!

The things I would do to it. (Drink it, sensually swirling it in my mouth whilst I do so)

I will enjoy this picture for the mean time and so will you.

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